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Data Protection Officer

We are not subject to the duty of a Data Protection Officer according to GDPR. If you would like to request more information regarding Data Protection or if you have further questions, please contact (the managing director):

Florian Scherer
Schneesportschule ON-SNOW
August-Euler-Platz 5
79868 Feldberg
Phone: +49 (0)7676 933 38 43
E-Mail: info@on-snow.de

Appointment of a Data Protection Officer in the GDPR:

Appointment of a data protection officer in the FDPA:

Complaints offices and supervisory authorities

Responsible for compliance with the data protection regulations is the respective Land authorities, where the operator of the website is located. In our case so the from Baden-Württemberg

The State Representative Baden-Württemberg:

The list on Wikipedia:

The list on the website of the Federal Government:

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