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Learning guarantee

Our sophisticated course program and the many years of experience of our team enable us to give you a learning guarantee :

  • Getting to know your material

  • first lift rides

  • safe behavior on the slopes

  • Braking and cornering on the blue runway

Learning guarantee ski course ON SNOW Feldberg
Learning guarantee ski course ON SNOW Feldberg

The ON SNOW learning guarantee

We definitely recommend that you develop your driving technique in the advanced courses in order to enjoy the slopes with even more fun and safety. Longer and steeper descents are also on the program here.

Learning guarantee for beginners:

Every newcomer to skiers aged 14 and over can tackle the beginner's slope (blue) after 1 day courses. If not, you will get a half-day course for free!


Learning guarantee for snowboard beginners:

As a snowboard beginner aged 14 and over, we guarantee that after 2 day courses you will be able to tackle the beginner's slope (blue), otherwise you will receive the a half-day course for free!

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